Karan Johar’s magic seems to be working of late. His latest production ‘Gippi’ too garners thumbs up. It is director Sonam Nair’s first movie. This is a low-budget film and doesn’t feature Bollywood stars.

‘Gippi’, a story of an over-weight teenager, is a feel good film which would leave a smile in the end, feel critics. Bollywood movies don’t often focus on the trials of being a teenage girl, but ‘Gippi’ aims to do just that, using unknown actors playing characters their own age, too.

Riya Vij plays Gurpreet Kaur, aka Gippi, a slightly overweight 14-year-old schoolgirl in Shimla. She lives with her single mother (Divya Dutta) and brother (Arbaaz Kadwani.) The movie is about the highs and lows in Gippi’s life: boyfriends, head girl elections. In short, Gippi is the most imperfect of all in her class and her pretty and intelligent rival Shamira Chauhan (Jayati Modi) is an impressive body, good marks, strong skills in sports and popularity are some of the many facets of Shamira’s all-roundership. Gippi is made fun of – mostly by Shamira and her cronies – and a challenge thrown at Gippi in jest changes the course of her teenage years.

As Gippi, Riya Vij does a fabulous job. She brings to life the many irritations and heartbreaks that teenage is so known for, and deserves a hearty pat on the back. Divya Dutta, in this film too, plays her role brilliantly. Abandoned by her husband for someone ‘better’, Dutta leaves one at a loss for words by portraying the plight of the single mother juggling between her beauty parlour, household chores and bringing her children up in the best way possible. Jayati Modi, apart from her manner of dialogue delivery, is believable as Shamira. Taaha Shah, too, as Gippi’s crush, is good. The rest of the cast – mostly consisting of school kids, support the main ones competently and doesn’t leave one with any complaints.

‘Gippi’ is a trip down memory lane – a trip flanked by nostalgia and a wistful longing to get back to those days which are never coming back again. Sonam Nair’s maiden inning is a beautiful one. Must watch for the kids.

Bollywood has made movies on ghosts, spirits and paranormal ones. Also let’s not forget the supernatural and horror movies too. Romance, action and comedy continue to be the most privileged genres in Bollywood, but now, storytellers in Mumbai are geared up to take the genre to an altogether new level, introducing the spectators to zombies. GO GOA GONE, directed by Raj and DK, is India’s first ‘zom-com’. The expectations from GO GOA GONE are, evidently, colossal, in view of the fact that something like this hasn’t been attempted on the Hindi screen earlier.

Saif Ali Khan in that blonde get up  recently claimed that his movie carries a strong message against drug abuse. And a rave party sets the ball rolling for this one. Hardik [Kunal Khemu] and Luv [Vir Das] bundle along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny [Anand Tiwari], on his office trip. All 3 friends forever bored/thrown/bashed up/beaten up emotionally, professionally & in personal life decide to find the lost pulse & pleasure of getting high on drugs, drinks & girls in Goa- the host to fluorescently lifted trippy-trancy-smoky rave parties…but soon after the phase of addiction is faded down, they are enforced to encounter their not-so-familiar horror of lifetime Zombies all over the place. And then begins the roller-coaster journey of survival filled with witty dialogues, absurdly funny one-liners and creepy humour with sheer non-nonsensical comic portions. What follows is a tough yet hilarious ride during their attempts to escape from the island.

Kunal makes a mark with his sharp comic timing, Vir is regular, Anand Tiwari is efficient and Saif is competent. Oh, and Puja Gupta is pretty.

The film comprises of energetic tracks with some amusing, quirky lyrics. ‘Khoon Choos Le’ and ‘Babaji Ki Booty’ match the theme of the film wonderfully. The background score is electrifying. The music piece at the rave party in particular is trippy.

All the praises to Raj & DK for opening a new territory in Indian film industry. We have got our first Zombie film and it is bloody good. Watch it at your nearby cinemas.

Shootout At Wadala is the sequel of 2007 movie Shootout At Lokhanwala. The film is an adaptation of the book titled Dongri to Dubai written by Hussain Zaidi. The film will dramatize the first-ever registered encounter by Mumbai police, where gangster Manya Surve was shot dead, which took place at the junction next to Dr. Ambedkar college, Wadala, Mumbai on 1 November 1982.

Plot doesn’t seem to be too different from the usual mafia movie fare but it does hold its own. Though the movie has its share of loop holes, it still manages to get a nod from most of the viewers. The film is a sort of biopic that revolves around the rise and fall of notorious goon Manya Surve (John Abraham) who ruled over parts of Mumbai and messed around with his rivals Zubair (Manoj Bajpayee) and Dilawar (Sonu Sood). Along the way he also gets to show us his human side, make love to his girlfriend Vidya (Kangana Ranaut) and play the loyal friend to Sheikh Munir (Tusshar Kapoor) and his hoodlum. Like every Gupta film, there are ample cops to fill up a brigade with Anil Kapoor and Ronit Roy leading the ranks. Wadala beings as a flashback told in a van driven against a badly framed green screen with a bleeding Manya fleshing out the juicy details of his past to Anil Kapoor who plays the moderator and intervenes after every song and dance break.

Wadala works because it shamelessly epitomizes its genre and has no qualms about being what it is – an over the top action drama. There are moments that keep the tension intact, especially the second half where Manya takes on the Imtiaz brothers head on. John Abraham deserves credit for physically and emotionally giving his all to the role. Watching the actor flex those biceps and show his well chiseled torso in that slow motion frame where he clings on to a BEST bus is a killier. He might not have the right dialect or the body language to carry off that Dadar-Parel localite vibe, but he compensates for it with his screen presence and well executed action scenes. Tusshar Kapoor who plays his side kick, sinks his teeth into the meaty role and chews on every scene written to showcase his diversity. The ensemble of supporting actors gives Wadala a definitive edge. Anil Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee, Sonu Sood and Ronit Roy despite the short comings of their characters are 100% in character all the time and never lose the pulse of what’s happening around them.

Despite the pace and massy dialogues the film has several loop holes. The songs are jarring, especially when Manya goes from being menacing to doing some ridiculous dance steps next to a gyrating Sophie Choudary-Sunny Leone-Priyanka Chopra. Watch it at a single screen to experience its true flavor.

Bombay Talkies, a movie made up of four short films, made by Bollywood’s renowned directors, Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee. This film celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema.

‘Bin Phere Free Me Ttere’ is produced by Premchandra Jha and directed by Manoj Sharma. Starting Arsh Deol and Ashrita Agarwal as the lead.

Bombay Talkies, a movie made up of four short films, made by Bollywood’s renowned directors, Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee. This film celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema.

Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures’, brings a crime based thriller movie ‘Shootout at Wadala’ which is a prequel to the 2007 hit film ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ and is inspired by Hussain Zaidi’s novel ‘Dongri To Dubai’.

Presenting Balam Pichkari from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani celebrates love with colors. Seedhi saadi Naina as Sharabi with Balam’s Pichkari. Join Bunny, Naina, Avi & Aditi in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Here is the first teaser of the much awaited movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag starring Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor. Directed by the talented Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Release date for move is planned on 12th July 2013

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I viewed Thor: The Dark World trailer and I am looking forward to this movie more than Iron Man 3. Much like has been previewed already.Check out the trailer for yourself and sound off below