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By Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

ISBN-10: 1604131039

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Through their acts on Earth they become associates of the Supreme Being. A hero may be someone who does a great deed for the community or someone who seems touched by the gods, especially chosen from childhood for some higher purpose. Lubaale Mukasa, a god of the Baganda people of East Africa, is an example of a deified hero, a human who has become a god. ) When, as a child, he disappeared from his home and appeared mysteriously on another island, the people there thought he must be superhuman to have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

These “terrestrial gods,” lower ranking than the “sky gods” who rule in heaven, are the ones to whom the Baganda turn on a daily basis with their prayers and concerns. In the traditions of the Baganda people, the Sun once fell from the sky. The king called upon Wanga. He rose to the challenge and restored the Sun in its place in the heavens. As a reward the king allotted an estate to Wanga and built a temple there. People consult Wanga The Spirit World 59 Baganda Prayer O Muwanga, who ordered this land, we kneel and pray Thee so to order it again as Thou didst order it in ages past.

Consultation regarding warfare and national defense is directed to him, together with his nephew Nende, also a divinity of war. ThE fon PAnThEon: voDun The Fon pantheon is known as the Vodun. Vodun may mean “god” in the sense of a divinity, and it may also mean a pantheon. Vodun worship is the religion of the Dahomey, or Fon, people in West Africa. All of the Fon gods are members of the Vodun, including the dead, who are elevated to the level of gods. The Vodun includes both the great gods and also lesser gods who stem from the greater pantheon.

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