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Advances in Cold-region Thermal Engineering, Sciences [LNP by S. Hutter PDF

By S. Hutter

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After the preliminary screenings and counselling session(s) were over, potential recipients were each handed out an initial six recruitment posters and asked to distribute these in public spaces where it was thought 'young mothers' under 35 years with young children would be likely to see them. Suggested places were supermarket notice-boards, doctors' surgeries, toddler playgroups, creches, libraries and also D-I-Y stores. The posters were all identical except for the inclusion of each recipient's personalised reference number, which would be written in by the donation co-ordinator before their distribution by the women (see figure 1).

A normative rationale of conjugal ties and sexual conduct also underlie assumptions that donors' identities can only be revealed partially so as to prevent donated children 'inadvertently' committing incest with one another. Interestingly, the law has worked into its terms of reference the statistically infinitesimal eventuality that related siblings might meet one day and wish to marry (HFEA 1990:31(6)(a); HFEA 1994c:39). By law, an ova or sperm donor may donate on multiple occasions, though may only continue to do so because the outcomes of each donation are recorded centrally by the statutory body, the Human Fertiisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

To match persons together in this way thus presupposes that persons stand to each other as biogenetically equivalent and determinable prior to their constitution as a matched pair. Material from the research indicates, however, that if anything, what may be said to be 'matched' or equivalent about such gift exchange is the way that ideals of Chapter Two 45 sameness are constituted from non-equivalences as the quite contingent outcomes of transactions whose outcomes are produced in terms of effacing traces of difference.

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Advances in Cold-region Thermal Engineering, Sciences [LNP 0533] by S. Hutter

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