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Download PDF by T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough: Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Volume 003

By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

ISBN-10: 0387065466

ISBN-13: 9780387065465

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JO pa/ulin Fig. 22. The preferred pathway for patulin biosynthesisin P. urticae is indicated by heavy arrows, with branch reactions indicated by light arrows and probable additional reactions by dashed arrows. The metabolites generally present in trace amounts if at all, are not connected by arrows (after Forrester and Gaucher, 1972) 58 Z. HO~I'~LEK et al. the biosynthesis of patulin follows a rigorously determined metabolic sequence. Other minor metabolites considered before as intermediates represent merely the by-products of the principal biosynthetic pathway (Fig.

Aureofaciens of group ctc A a zone of antibiotic activity at the side of S. rimosus mutants which thus acted as converters. This result was predictable since the cte A gene is a late gene in CTC biosynthesis while the otc B and otc E are earlier genes in OTC biosynthesis. A cosynthesis between several wild strains of streptomycetes and inactive mutants of S. aureofaciens or S. rimosus was observed. In these experiments usually the highest cosynthetic activity ever observed was found, the wild-type strain acting as the secretor (similarly to the above-discussed class 2 of mutants of S.

The biosynthesis proceeds through the so-called diversifying reactions which are mediated by sequentially induced enzymes (Bu'Lock and Powell, t965). However, the most recent results of a study of the conversion of 6-methylsalicylic acid to patulin indicate that the process does not take place at random but that it obeys a firm inner order. Using a kinetic pulselabelling technique, Forrester and Gaucher (1972) demonstrated that acetyl CoA+3 malony/CoA 3 CO- m''-NADPH*H~ + z'~NADP~ 4 CoASHCH3 COOH H~.

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Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Volume 003 by T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

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