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By Keng Siau

Complicated issues in Database examine positive aspects the most recent, state of the art learn findings facing all features of database administration, platforms research and layout and software program engineering. This booklet presents details that's instrumental within the development and improvement of idea and perform concerning details expertise and administration of data assets.

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The benefits induced by such techniques on global performances are widely acknowledged and numerous clustering strategies have been proposed. Copyright © 2002, Idea Group Publishing. Object-Oriented Database Benchmarks 35 As far as we know, there is no generic approach allowing for their comparison. This problem is interesting for both designers (to set up the corresponding functionalities in the system kernel) and users (for performance tuning). There are different approaches used to evaluate the performances of a given system: experimentation, simulation, and mathematical analysis.

CONCLUSION Ternary relationships are an established and accepted construct within the realm of (Nary) conceptual modeling. However, very little research has been completed that investigates the logical complexity of the construct, particularly when combined with additional, internal Ternary Relationships: Semantic Requirements and Logically Correct Alternatives 31 Table 4: Implicit semantic constraint enforcement Case # Ternary Binary Impositions Potential Lossless Potential FD Enforces Semantic Enforces Semantic Cardinality Decomposition Preserving Constraints on Constraints on (X:Y:Z) Decomposition Insertions Deletions 1 1:1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (XY)(XZ) None No No 2 1:1:1 (X:Y) = (1:1) (XY)(XZ) -or(XY)(YZ) (XY)(XZ) -or(XY)(YZ) Yes Yes 3 1:1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (Z:Y) = (M :1) (XY)(XZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) (XY)(XZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) Yes Yes 4 1:1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (X:Z) = (1:1) (XY)(XZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) (XY)(XZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) Yes Yes 5 M :1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (XY)(XZ) (XY)(XZ) Yes Yes 6 M :1:1 (Y:Z) = (M :1) (XY)(YZ) None No No 7 M :1:1 (Y:Z) = (1:1) (XY)(YZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) (XY)(YZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) Yes No 8 M :1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (Y:Z) = (1:1) (XY)(YZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) -or(XY)(XZ) (XY)(YZ) -or(XZ)(ZY) Yes No 9 M :1:1 (X:Y) = (M :1) (Y:Z) = (1:M ) (XZ)(ZY) -or(XY)(XZ) (XZ)(ZY) Yes No 10 M :N:1 (X:Z) = (M :1) (XY)(XZ) (XY)(XZ) Yes No 11 M :N:1 (X:Z) = (M :1) (Y:Z) = (M :1) (XY)(XZ) -or(XY)(YZ) None No No 12 M :N:P Not Allowed None None No No constraints, which are termed SCB relationships.

Data Resource Management, 3(4), Fall, 22-32. Song, I. , Jones, T. H. and Park, E. K. (1993). Binary relationship imposition rules on ternary relationships in ER modeling. C. Song, I. , Evans, M. and Park, E. K. (1995). A comparative analysis of entity-relationship diagrams. Journal of Computer & Software Engineering, 3(4), 427-459. Song, I. , Medsker, C. and Ewen, E. (2001). An analysis of many-to-many relationships between fact and dimension tables in dimensional modeling. In Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop on Design and Management of Data Warehouses (DMDW’2001), Interlaken, Switzerland.

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