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Get Adult Eyewitness Testimony: Current Trends and Developments PDF

By David Frank Ross (editor), J. Don Read (editor), Michael P. Toglia (editor)

ISBN-10: 0511759193

ISBN-13: 9780511759192

ISBN-10: 0521033454

ISBN-13: 9780521033459

ISBN-10: 0521432553

ISBN-13: 9780521432559

Grownup Eyewitness Testimony offers an summary of present empirical examine on eyewitness testimony and identity accuracy, protecting either concept and alertness. the amount is prepared to handle 3 vital concerns: First, what are the cognitive, social, and actual components that effect the accuracy of eyewitness experiences? moment, how should still lineups be built and verbal testimony be taken to enhance the possibilities of acquiring actual details? And 3rd, whose testimony will be believed? Are there alterations among exact and erroneous witnesses, and will jurors make this type of contrast? grownup Eyewitness Testimony is essential interpreting for reminiscence researchers, in addition to cops, judges, attorneys, and different participants of the judicial procedure. it is going to even be of curiosity to complex undergraduates and graduate-level classes in utilized social or cognitive psychology, felony justice and forensics.

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Taken together, these results suggest that memories derived from postevent suggestions are truly believed by the subjects who report them - at least if one uses this fairly liberal criterion for true belief. With a stricter criterion in place, as in the second betting study, it appears that subjects believe their suggested memories, on the average, less than their real memories. Yet the results still give an indication of true belief in some nontrivial proportion of suggested memories. Some proportion of subjects indicated the truest belief possible by betting the maximum amount on their suggested memories.

For example, in the Lindsay study, subjects viewed the McCloskey and Zaragoza (1985a) slide sequence and then listened to a tape-recorded postevent narrative that included misleading suggestions about some event details and neutral control information about other event details (a within-subjects design), and the source monitoring test was administered after a twenty-four hour delay. At test subjects were to indicate, for each test item, whether they remembered that item only from the slides, only from the narrative, from both sources, or not at all.

The maximum amount possible (ten dollars) was the modal response on the "False-suggested" memories. Thus if our measure of "true belief" is the willingness on the part of the subject to bet the maximum, then a sizable proportion of subjects displayed this willingness. 2: Distribution of bets on real memories in the misled condition, with the distribution of bets on the suggested item. How does this compare to subjects' bets on their real memories? 2 shows the distribution of bets on the "False-suggested" memories along with the distribution of bets on the real memories ("Real-Misled") so a comparison can be made.

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Adult Eyewitness Testimony: Current Trends and Developments by David Frank Ross (editor), J. Don Read (editor), Michael P. Toglia (editor)

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