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Was John approached for ROCKSTAR initially?

Was John approached for ROCKSTAR initially?

Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar released on 11.11.11. But are you aware of the fact that Ranbir Kapoor was not the first choice for the movie. It was John Abraham who was initially approached for the movie, but then Imtiaz Ali dropped the complete thought of casting John due to changes in the script.

After reframing the script, Ranbir Kapoor was signed to play the character of the young Jat who is based in Delhi. Imtiaz felt that John did not fit the role any longer. Imtiaz told the media that at first he began with John Abraham but because he had to change the entire story along with the character of the protagonist, he felt the need of casting a younger actor instead of John.
“The central character is now a Delhi based Jat who is much younger to the previous one,” he told the reporters. However, keeping aside the resentment, John has been a strong supporter of the film. When asked by the media about the film, John said that ROCKSTAR is Ranbir’s film and he has no issues with the actor and director. Infact, the film is coming out great.

In a recent interview, Ranbir revealed that it was him who forced Imtiaz to make ROCKSTAR. The original script was written by Imtiaz around 7 – 8 years ago. The Kapoor lad heard the story of ROCKSTAR from a colleague long back when he was shooting for Saawariya. Ranbir was impressed by the script but during that time John was playing the protagonist. Imtiaz was planning for this film before JAB WE MET hit the silver screen. At that time, hardly anyone knew who Imtiaz was. John doesn’t mind working with new directors and that’s the reason he signed this Hindi Musical Drama. During that time John was the hot property in town with blockbusters like Dhoom, Garam Masala and Taxi No. 9211. As John was the part of this Hindi Musical drama, a leading production house was ready to back the project. But destiny has some other plans. Soon something went wrong with John’s career and the actor lined with number of flops. This made Imtiaz to move on to another romantic drama Love Aaj Kal leaving behind ROCKSTAR.

Later on, seeing the growing fame of Ranbir, Imtiaz approached him for a movie. RK junior reminded the filmmaker about ROCKSTAR. After seeing the enthusiasm in Ranbir to work in this project, Imtiaz Ali reframed the script in a couple of months. After the modification, he narrated the script to Ranbir. RK liked the script very much and this is how ROCKSTAR came into scene.

After clearing the formalities of the censer board, Ranbir and Nargis starrer ROCKSTAR has received a UA certificate. It is said that the film has a scene which shows a flag that reads ‘Free Tibet’. The producers of the film have not edited the scene but have blurred the same due to censer board’s demand. Besides this, the lead actors of the film Ranbir and Nargis have promoted ROCKSTAR very well.


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