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Vidya Balan’s New Avatar in Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan’s New Avatar in Dirty Picture

Balaji Production is coming with its new film “Dirty Picture” which is reportedly based on the life of South Indian Sensation Silk Smitha. Vidya Balan is playing the lead role of Silk Smitha and her other co-stars are Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi and Tussar Kapoor. Dirty Picture’s first poster released on 26th August and that exposes the soul of movie. Vidya looks extremely hot in the poster with an immense sex appeal. Silk Smitha had rocked the 80s with her semi-nude roles and sensual item dance numbers and film’s promos depict Vidya in same manner. However, Ekta Kapoor denies these rumors of Dirty Picture being Silk Smitha’s autobiography. She told reports in an interview, “My film is not inspired by any one, but is a reflection of an era when they (Southern actors like Silk Smitha, Shakeela, Nylon Nandini and Polyester Padmini)…used their sexuality to carve a niche for themselves in the male-dominated South film industry”

Till date, we know Vidya Balan as the sober heroine of movies like “Parineeta” and “Paa”. She even played a bubbly role in “Kismat

Vidya Balan’s New Avatar in Dirty Picture Hindi Movies

Vidya Balan’s New Avatar in Dirty Picture

Konnection” with Shahid Kapoor. Nevertheless, in Dirty Picture, Vidya is all set to break the previous myths about her acting, dancing talent and her presence on screen. In the first look poster, she poses in a sexy red blouse, red lipstick and with her three heroes.

The film carries a complete touch of 80s’ fashion, dress and makeover styles. In that sense, it could be called a periodic film. Director Milan Luthariya has left no stone unturned to make it a perfect masala movie of 80s. The three male heroes of movie play the roles of three men in Silk Smitha’s life, so it would be very interesting to see how Vidya has played her role and handled all these three actors of very different genres on screen. However, it sounds that she has really enjoyed her role and presence of her co-stars in the movie, as she said: “I think I have never enjoyed being a woman more than in Dirty Picture”. The film is scheduled for on 2nd December, the birth anniversary of Silk Smitha. Ekta hopes to get an overwhelming response from her fans in south and in north as well. It is also said that Dirty Picture will change Vidya’s image from a serious mature actor to a soft porn star, but Vidya is not worried about these labels. She believes it will only add new shades to her acting talent. She is even quite vocal about her role and chemistry with her heroes and has accepted this in an interview. “Ek se mera kya hota (one is not enough for me)”, was her quick reply when asked about how difficult it was to handle three men of different age group. Emraan has added new remark regarding Vidya’s role and performance in the film by saying these words, “I always thought that I have played the most wicked and dirty roles on screen, but I think in this film, Vidya just took it away from me”.


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