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Small Screen Vs Big Screen

Small Screen Vs Big Screen

The Kareena Kapoor-Salman Khan Starrer, Bodyguard is the latest movie to be released. One of the biggest movies of the year, it grossed nearly 90 crores in the first couple of days.

Along with Bodyguard, Salman’s health has also been in the news. He star has been busy promoting his movie despite his ill health. With so many rumours doing the rounds like cardiac problems and spine problems, Salman Khan finally put them to rest by clarifying that the problem was with a nerve that was causing his extreme pain in the jaws. He left for the US for his scheduled half an hour surgery, which stretched to eight hours. It was reported that the star was suffering from a nerve disorder called as Trigeminal Neuralgia. He has to undergo another surgery and despite the first one, it will still take anything from three months to three years to be cured completely and for the pain to go away.

This is the first time that he is not be in town for Eid and the Ganpati festival. With the success of Bodyguard, it has been proved that Eid is the lucky time for Salman with the third consecutive hit this year.

This Eid also saw stars spending time with their families. Ajay Devgan and wife Kajol were spotted at the Dargah at Ajmer along with their children, Nysa and Yug. It was revealed that the visit was to seek the blessings of the Khwaja before the release of Ajay’s new movie “Rascals”. Now doesn’t this put another myth to rest that even gods have to be given offerings in return for blessings?

Sanjay and Maanyata Dutt too were spotted with their year old twins. This is their first Eid and Ganpati festival. The star is reportedly happy with the direction that his life has taken and is looking forward to host the new season of Bigg Boss with Salman Khan. The duo have shot 11 episodes of the popular show, which is to go on air in early October.

So, little birdies, are we looking at more cat and dog fights at the home of Bigg Boss or are we going to enjoy the camaraderie of the star duo and their playful pot shots at the inmates of the house. This is something that you will have to wait for.

By the way, with Bigg Boss, Sanju Baba has also stepped into the world of television that all the stars seem to be doing. Is it because they are not contended with the space they occupy on the silver screen? Whatever it is, with such shows on air, how will the saas bahu serials fare? The TRPs say that they are all co-existing peacefully but for how long? With reality shows vying for prime time, the tearjerker serials will have stiff competition indeed. All the best to those small screen stars! It is to be hoped that they won’t be pushed out of their space on the small screen.


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