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Shah Rukh Khan: Is it the Number that matters?

Shah Rukh Khan: Is it the Number that matters?

Shah Rukh Khan, being the brand ambassador of Tag Heuer, celebrated his birthday with the brand in a very luxurious and unique style. SRK was presented with a very unique and exclusive “G – One Limited Edition” watch by the Tag Heuer brand. This limited edition watch was specially designed for the film ‘RA.One’.

If you have watched RA.One, you may have seen that SRK sports a red TAG Heuer ‘Formula 1’ throughout the movie. As the character of G-One was very bold and daring, Formula 1 was chosen to complement the same. H.A.R.T was the dial of the watch. It’s placed on the watch at 9 ‘o clock. It is the same blue color symbol that is sported by the superhero in the movie. Not only this, but also the watch has G.One lettering that makes it look sportier.

So now the badshaah of bollywood has turned 46 years old. Let’s check out how lucky will be his new year. Box office collection matters and Ra.One did quite well on the five-day Diwali week not only in India but also out of India. This indeed has been a saving charm for SRK’s team. But the question that arises is ‘Is the film really a Super Hit’? If we look at Indian audience reviews, then the film is just a onetime watch and nothing else.

SRK is even being compared to his long time rival Salman Khan who has given two back-to-back blockbusters, “Dabangg” and “Bodyguard”. And so the question arises – Is Salman Khan all set to take the position of Badshaah?

So if we talk about lucky numbers, Shah Rukh is in his 46thyear. It’s that time of Sun that is well suited to his number 46 i.e. 1. This states that despite the debacle in the last couple of years, SRK should do better. RA.One’s box office collections hardly matter, as the new year has begun for King Khan. Let’s see what predictions numerologists have for SRK’s.

The badshaah of Bollywood has survived in the industry because of his romantic image. SRK bags most of the hit romantic songs in bollywood that have been picturized on him. SRK was born on 2/11/1965. The planet Moon rules his number, which according to his birth date comes to ‘2’. The Moon that gives its owner a lot of imagination influences many superstars. Venus is the planet of entertainment, luxury and romance. And the number for Venus is ‘6’. ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ adds up to the absolutely lucky number 42 which is 4+2 = 6. It may interest you to know that Warner Brothers and Walt Disney sum up to the same number and are today the world’s greatest entertainers.  Many of the famous tourist destinations in the world also sum up to the same number. The list includes Hawaii, Paris, Shanghai, France, Thailand, et al. Even China adds up to the number 6 and is today known to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world.



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