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Kangana Ranaut and Her Controversies

Kangana Ranaut and Her Controversies

Kangana Ranaut has always been in news for a number of reasons. Recently, when Hollywood diva Paris Hilton visited India to launch her fashion accessories line, Kangana claimed to have been approached with the offer of becoming the brand face of Hilton’s fashion line in India. Her lofty claim soon received a backlash from Paris’s manager of her Indian fashion line in which she totally denied that any such offer was ever given to Kangana. Her ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman also blamed Kangana for using him. He said that initially he introduced her with Paris Hilton. Adhyayan said, “Kangna only knows how to use abuse and throw. She has flooded me with abusive calls ever since the truth about her fake claims came out.” “I have remained silent for so many years, but she is crossing all limits now.” Obviously, such news and counter news is not a good sign for Kang baby.

Amidst these accusations, claims and allegations, Knagana’s new film “Rascal” is all set to open in the theaters. David Dhavan, the comedy king, directs the film and Kangana is reported to be playing a bubbly role in the movie. Her co-stars are two biggies of bollywood – Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan. Still, it is Kangana in her bikini that is garnering all the attention. She is all set to bust the screen in her sizzling hot white bikini look. Kangana also have a kissing scene with Ajay Devgan in the film. In the first look posters of film, she appears in a two-piece bikini showing off the curls and curves of her body very well. Needless to say that Rascal has more than comedy to offer the theater audience. There is some news that Kangs has undergone surgery called metamorphosis that gave her body such a busty look. She has, however, denied these rumors, but everyone knows that many bollywood heroines have taken help of several types of surgeries to get a perfect body, so if Kangana has also done the same, then why wonder. Moreover, it is the second time when she has undergone cosmetic surgery. The earlier one was for defining her lips (this was the surgery gone wrong, you remember?) and now for upper portion of body.

Among the hot news of her bikini scenes, there is news of many controversies and conflicts between Kangana and her co-stars, Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt. She was absent from the release of first look of the movie and was not invited to the music launch of Rascal. Poor Kangs! Sad news indeed, isn’t it! She is also not a part of film promotion campaign, interviews and other events. There are rumors that Ajay and Sanjay both have decided to not to work with her in future again. The reason behind such a harsh decision is that the sexy actress was heard making extreme remarks about both actors for publicity and attention during the shooting of the film. While the actors, Sanjay and Ajay are annoyed with this news is that the star-wives, Manyata and Kajol respectively, are annoyed too. Kangs has been claiming more closeness with her heroes has finally led to her boycott from the important events of the film. Perhaps, this will teach her to keep her mouth shut?


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