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Shammi Kapoor-The Original ROCKSTAR of Bollywood

Shammi Kapoor-The Original ROCKSTAR of Bollywood

Who is the real Rockstar of Bollywood? Is it Ranbir Kapoor? Well, the answer is No. The original Rockstar of Bollywood is Late Shammi Kapoor. The original Rockstar faced the camera after almost a decade for Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar.  For years, Shammi Kapoor has been on wheelchair. The 60’s Rockstar during the eve of ROCKSTAR shoot called his Grandnephew Ranbir and confessed that he is very nervous to face the camera after so many years. What if he forgets his lines during the shoot? Ranbir was surprised to find the legendary Star and his Uncle ‘Shammi Kapoor’ nervous. He convinced his Grand Uncle that all will be well and they’ll take good care of him. After Ranbir put down the phone, stories of his Grand Uncle’s image of flirting with female assistant directors, rehearsing lines, singing songs in Kashmir valleys stroked through his mind.

Rockstar is Shammi Kapoor’s last Yahoo releasing this Friday on 11-11-11. Shammi Kapoor passed away on 14th August this year at Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital due to kidney failure. The 11-11-11 release is titled ‘ROCKSTAR’ keeping in mind the image of the 60’s Rockstar as he was, he is and always be the Original Rockstar of Bollywood. Three years ago, few days prior to his 77th birthday, he was once asked that which actor of current times reminds him of the 60’s Shammi. To this he replied, “Today there are so many wonderful boys out here in the tinsel town like Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc. who dances well. But none of these are my reflection. I am the original ME”.

Shammi Kapoor will be seen in ‘Jugalbandhi’ with his Grandnephew – Ranbir Kapoor. One side Ranbir will be playing the guitar and on the other side Shammi Kapoor will charm the audience by playing Shehnai. Ranbir is very passionate about music and loves learning musical instruments. Even his Grand Uncle Late Mr. Shammi Kapoor loved music. Shehnai was the favorite musical instrument of this Legendary Star and he was happy to get a chance to play his favorite musical instrument in the movie.

It is believed that an artist never dies and so has not Bollywood veteran Shammi Kapoor. The star has left his body, his image and his memories will be alive through his work in the movie ROCKSTAR.


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