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Review of Go Goa Gone

Review of Go Goa Gone

Bollywood has made movies on ghosts, spirits and paranormal ones. Also let’s not forget the supernatural and horror movies too. Romance, action and comedy continue to be the most privileged genres in Bollywood, but now, storytellers in Mumbai are geared up to take the genre to an altogether new level, introducing the spectators to zombies. GO GOA GONE, directed by Raj and DK, is India’s first ‘zom-com’. The expectations from GO GOA GONE are, evidently, colossal, in view of the fact that something like this hasn’t been attempted on the Hindi screen earlier.

Saif Ali Khan in that blonde get up  recently claimed that his movie carries a strong message against drug abuse. And a rave party sets the ball rolling for this one. Hardik [Kunal Khemu] and Luv [Vir Das] bundle along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny [Anand Tiwari], on his office trip. All 3 friends forever bored/thrown/bashed up/beaten up emotionally, professionally & in personal life decide to find the lost pulse & pleasure of getting high on drugs, drinks & girls in Goa- the host to fluorescently lifted trippy-trancy-smoky rave parties…but soon after the phase of addiction is faded down, they are enforced to encounter their not-so-familiar horror of lifetime Zombies all over the place. And then begins the roller-coaster journey of survival filled with witty dialogues, absurdly funny one-liners and creepy humour with sheer non-nonsensical comic portions. What follows is a tough yet hilarious ride during their attempts to escape from the island.

Kunal makes a mark with his sharp comic timing, Vir is regular, Anand Tiwari is efficient and Saif is competent. Oh, and Puja Gupta is pretty.

The film comprises of energetic tracks with some amusing, quirky lyrics. ‘Khoon Choos Le’ and ‘Babaji Ki Booty’ match the theme of the film wonderfully. The background score is electrifying. The music piece at the rave party in particular is trippy.

All the praises to Raj & DK for opening a new territory in Indian film industry. We have got our first Zombie film and it is bloody good. Watch it at your nearby cinemas.


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