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Review of 7 Khoon Maaf

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7 Khoon Maaf

Priyanka Chopra and Vishal Bhardwaj come together yet again after there instant hit Bollywood Hindi movie Kaminey

With Priyanka Chopra (Susanna) heading the star cast, is a rich and beautiful woman who is desperate to find a loving husband. The hopeful Sussana, in a bid to finally get it right, goes on to marry seven times. Cursed with terrible luck, all her husbands end up dying under mysterious circumstances. How, in spite of being the prime accused in several murders, the charming Sussana manages to get away scot free. Sussana, who starts each new relationship with hope and innocence, tries her best to make her marriagesuccess. Sadly, each husband lets her down; some by breaking her trust and others by obsessing over her, leaving her with another shattered dream.

Of the seven husbands, Irrfan Khan makes the strongest impression. His story, set in Kashmir, sees him playing a sensitive poet by day who appears fully smitten by his muse, Sussana. But by night, another personality emerges from his shadow, one that knows only cruelty and violence as a way to love his woman. The other two actors who play their parts brilliantly are AnnuKapoor, as the love lorn Inpector KeematLal who can’t seem to string a coherent sentence when talking to Sussana and Neil Nitin Mukesh, who surprises with an excellent portrayal of husband number one. The one-legged Major Edwin Rodriques is suspicious and frightening, and Neil controls his sinister expressions and body language with precision.

Still, one did expect the film to open around the 50% mark at the least. Shockingly ‘7 KhoonMaaf’ could see a mere 30% odd beginning for itself.This time around, unlike Vishal Bhardwaj’s earlier films, even the reviews weren’t too kind universally. That’s the reason ‘7 KhoonMaaf’ has turned out to be a disappointing venture for all concerned.

There are very good expectations from the music of 7 Khoon Maaf and there are two major factors behind that – Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar. Together they are a lethal force, something they have proven. The music has done better than the film. UshaUthup goes ‘Darling’ in this namesake opening number. A fun celebration track with a naughty appeal to it.This track based on Russian folk song ‘Kalinka’ is instantly catchy and makes one tap feet along with it.

No, ‘Darling’ is not the kind of song that makes one head for that dance floor in the discotheque. However, when seen on screen it can well be expected to be a live wire. The song arrives again as ‘Doosri Darling’ and this time around Clinton Cerejo and Francois Castellino join Usha Uthup and RekhaBhardwaj. The Russian folk flavour is kept intact this time around as well but the song’s repetition ensures that one can’t get it off once the album is through and finds a repeat hearing all over again.


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