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Priyanka visits autistic kids for her role in Barfee

Priyanka visits autistic kids for her role in Barfee

Priyanka Chopra is busy with her upcoming project Barfee. This film is being directed by Anurag Basu. Priyanka will be starring opposite Anjaana Anjaani co-star Ranbir Kapoor. For the first time, Priyanka will be playing the role of a mentally challenged lady.

Priyanka Chopra is seriously preparing for her role in Barfee. She is spending a lot of time with autistic kids to understand their challenges. She was very scared when she was first approached for Barfee. But by the time the narration was over she told Anurag Basu that she wanted to do it. But she very well knows about the possibility that if she even remotely goes wrong in her depiction of the character, her credibility as an actor will be questioned. It’s not at all easy to play such characters as there is a thin line in making it look believable like a caricature. She doesn’t know if she has pulled it off. She has stood on her director Anurag Basu’s feet for this one.

Sources say that Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra don’t talk to each other on the sets of Barfee. To this Priyanka says that people felt they are ignoring each other because both of them were busy concentrating on their tough characters. Sources from inside the sets inform that for a sequence in the movie, she actually went hungry without food for 3 days. Making Barfee wasn’t a chill out film like Anjaana Anjaani. Ranbir and Priyanka were busy trying to get into the skins of their respective characters. Ranbir plays deaf and mute and Priyanka is autistic in the movie. According to Priyanka, they weren’t talking to anyone on the sets as they both had to isolate their selves and understand what they were doing and that takes a little while. People mistook the matter and created such news.

Hope Priyanka does justice to her role. Barfee releases in 2012.


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