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Preview Of Yamla Pagla Deewana

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Yamla Pagla Deewana

“Mein Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana…..”, when you hear this, the first thing that comes to your mind is Dharmendra’s smash hit chartbuster song from the movie “Pratiggya”. But this little literature here is not about the song, it’s about the bollywood’s comedy movie starring the 3 Deols – Dharmendra, Sunny & Bobby. This is their second hindi movie together after “Apne”. “Yamla Pagla Deewana” is directed by Samir Karnik .The film is produced by Samir Karnik and Nitin Manmohan under the banner of Top Angle Productions.
Coming to the storyline of this soon-to-be-released movie, it’s a story of 3 completely different people, who come together to create disasters, confusion, and  lots of laughter. Dharmendra as Dharam Singh aka ‘Pagla’, Sunny Deol as Paramveer Singh Dhillon aka ‘Yamla’ & Bobby Deol as Gajodhar Singh aka ‘Deewana’.
This family drama revolves around Sunny Deol who is an honest NRI settled in Canada who has a cute family comprising of a blonde wife and two wonderful sons. His mother is a feisty Punjabi woman potrayed by the very lovable Nafisa Ali. Well Dharam Paaji and Nafisa Ali seem to make a good couple after Life in a Metro. Nafisa Ali decides to divorce to her husband Dharam Singh for personal issues and  Dharam Singh disappears one night all of a sudden with his younger son. Paramveer decides to then come to India in search of his Father and younger brother.
Meanwhile back in India Dharmendra and Bobby play a father-son team who are the biggest fraudsters of Banaras. They con several unsuspecting people and enjoy their lifestyles. Paramveer finds them and confides in Dharam about their relationship. Seeing good muscle power in Paramveer, the duo add him to their con company only to compound their woes.
Gajodhar falls in love with Saheba played by Kulraj Randhawa. She’s a typical girl from Punjab. Things don’t fall in place as there is a villain in the love story. Saheba’s nasty brother who forcibly takes her away. Paramveer saves the day by getting his brother’s girl back.
Don’t miss the famous dialog of Sholay on top of the Tanki “mar jaunga,miit  jaunga….” performed by Bobby Deol.
Mixture of music directors made up of Pyarelal, RDB, Anu Malik, Nouman Javaid, Sanjoy Chowdhary, Rahul Seth, Sandesh Shandilya……Whew!! Ok that’s it. Sonu Nigam has done justice to the title song by recreating the magic of the yesteryears superhit with Nindy Kaur. The songs original flavor has been kept.
What happens next???  Well…..get the whole picture in your near by theaters.
Yamla Pagla Deewana is all set to hit the screens on 14th January 2011.


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