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Preview of Naughty @ 40

Preview of Hindi Movie Naughty @ 40

Preview of Naughty @ 40

Upcoming Bollywood movie Naughty @ 40 is directed by Jagmohan Mundhra, and produced by Anuj Sharma and Sandiip Kapur. This movie is about a Govinda, playing a lead role of 40 year old NRI nerd, who is brought up in a rich but dysfunctional Punjabi family in London. Mother is extremely religious and father is a Philanderer, a compulsive spent chaser. Confused and introverted, Govinda’s character Happy does not have the required social skills to attend a girl friend , therefore remains a virgin When his office colleagues, Shakti Kapoor, Harish, Googee & others find out that even at this age and inspite of living in London, Govinda is a Virgin, they inform his father Anupam Kher about it. He encourages Govinda’s colleagues & cousins to show him the ways of the world by taking him to massage parlours & night clubs. When he ends up messing all such efforts, desperate they plan his marriage in a village in Himachal Pradesh where Govinda’s Mother (Smita Jaykars) brother Sanjay Mishra resides.

Govida has another problem. He walks in his sleep. That disease messes up his engagements to Sayali Bhagat. When a Pandit tells Anupam that if marriage is not done in this period, there is no chance of marriage in Govindas horoscope. Finally Father (Rakesh Bedi) of a tom boyish young girl Yuvika Chaudhary, who is mentally only 12 and plays only with young kids, agrees to marry his daughter to Govinda. After he gets married his life gets in to a complicated situation. The girl he gets married is a naive young girl and does not understand the ways of married life and he being a single virgin male till the age of 40 does not know how to initiate things.

After long time we will see Govinda in full swing. Does he do justice to the title of the movie; can only be told on 29th April, when this film releases all over India.


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