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Preview of Haunted 3D

Hindi Movie Haunted 3D

Haunted 3D

Director Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming movie Haunted 3D holds the distinction of being India’s first stereoscopic 3D film. This is Vikram’s most aspiring Bollywood project till date. The film boasts of International technicians, who have worked in projects such as Resident Evil – The Afterlife, SAW 7, etc., lending their expertise to it. Produced by BVG Films and Arun Rangachari.

Audiences will be pleasantly surprised to see Mahakshay Chakraborty famously known as Mimoh, son of legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty, performing some deadly stunts himself. To support him we will see a new face Twinkle Bajpai in the role of spirit.

Haunted 3D is a story set in the dark mountains of Dalhousie. The movie revolves around the character Glen Manor, a mansion with a secret past and a haunted present.

The lead Rehan visits Glen Manor villa to complete the sell transactions, which his father has initiated but couldn’t be solved due to certain mysterious incidents.

Hindi Haunted 3D Movie

Haunted 3D

However when he investigates these odd happenings, he discovers a secret and falls in love with it! The secret brings him face to face with the biggest challenge of his life, a mission that requires him to save a beautiful Meera…a girl who is already dead!”
What he does not bargain for is that the secret attacks him to the biggest challenge and question of his life.

The music of upcoming horror film “Haunted 3D” can be described as a simple, love-inspired album. Composed by Chirantan Bhatt, the album offers six slow to moderately paced songs and there are no remixes, which is a breather. On the whole, Chirantan has managed to give a listenable soundtrack that has a few very good compositions.

Haunted 3D is expected to release on 6th May.


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