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Preview of Ekk Deewana Tha

Preview of Ekk Deewana Tha

Looks like Bollywood is aping south a lot these days. Tamil director Gautham Menon’s own remake in hindi ‘Ekk Deewana Tha’ is a common love story. Starring Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson in lead. This is the first time that Amy Jackson will hit the Bollywood screens and will play a role of Syrian Malabar Nasrani Christian. Other casts includes Manu Rishi, Sachin Khedekar and Ramesh Sippy (Special Appearance).

Parantha with Sambar……yes the story revolves between north meets south.  Sachin (Prateik Babbar) a 22 year old is a regular guy who’s an engineer graduate from a middle class family in Mumbai who is in love with the world of cinema. As a struggler in the film industry-where his long days are filled with waiting and then some more waiting, surviving on his father’s pocket money and desperately trying to make an entry into any of the main film camps-there is nothing that makes each day worth looking forward to. There’s a sudden change when his parents shift to Juhu.

‘Love thy neighbor’. That’s where he sees his neighbor for the first time. Jessie (Amy Jackson) ……Its love at first site for Sachin. She is beautiful, elegant, smart and classy. But she is not that simple. Jessie is from an orthodox Malayali Christian family where watching movies, partying or falling in love are completely taboo.

While Sachin battles with the idea of someone like Jessie and her family living in 21st century, modern Mumbai-he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. Jessie, for her part, tries to forge a friendship between them-believing that cloaking their feelings under the umbrella of friendship would save them heartache, tears and a full blown family drama.

‘Ek Deewana Tha’ is the intense, yet feel good love story of these two very different characters as they understand the pangs and pleasure of first love while battling with the situations that life has placed them in making Sachin question all the time — of all the people in the world why did I fall in love with Jessie?

On musical front, prolific director Gautham Menon maintains the sanctity of the subject and confers the musical department again to the Guinness holder A.R Rahman. The Hindi version is penned by none other than Javed Akhtar. The soundtrack of the movie has eight songs like the Tamil version. “Hosanna” (meaning ‘glory’ in Christian chorals) is a hit on chart buster.

‘Ek Deewana Tha’ is produced by Fox Star Studios, Photon Kathaas and R.S. Infotainment and is ready to hit the cinemas on 17th February, 2012.


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