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The Three Musketeers – Review

The Three Musketeers – Review

Director : Paul W Anderson
Cast: Mathew Macfayden, Milla Jovovich, Ray Stevensen, Luke Evans and Logan Lerman

The 1844 classic novel has had so many remakes that it should be now an old story. But this is the first time that it has been shot in 3D. It should be special but for those who have read the book, it is fairly disappointing.

The movie opens with Athos (Luke Macfayden), Aramis (Luke Evans) and Porthos (Ray Stevenson) finding da Vinci’s plans for making an air ship. They are helped in this by Athos’ sweetheart, Milady (Milla Jovovich). She betrays the three and hands the plans over to Buckingham (Orlando Bloom), an Englishman. Milady is a double agent and a mercenary. The next scene opens with D’Artagnan leaving his farm to join the three musketeers. He gets into trouble on the way and reaches Paris where he meets the three musketeers. Unknowing of who they are, he challenges all three of them to a duel and ends up being befriended by them after he shows some bravery in challenging the Cardinal’s guards.

D’Artagnan is a young man who meets the French Queen’s lady in waiting and falls in love with her. The plot of the movie revolves around how the Cardinal plots to create a scandal involving the French queen and Buckingham so that England goes into war with France and he can be the King. The second half of the story revolves around the adventures of the three ‘Obsolete” musketeers as they, along with, D’Artagnan go to England to bring back the Queen’s necklace and prevent the war.

The film has good action sequences and you can feel that you are transported into the midst of the action as the quartet brings back the diamond necklace. Milla Jovovich sparkles as Milady de Winter and has performed numerous stunts.

The movie has fantasy in the form of flying ships, action in the sword fights and romance between young Artagnan and the Queen’s lady in waiting. Athos, as the cynic hero, after being betrayed in love by Milady, jokes by Porthos are good parts. But somehow, despite the tongue in cheek acid humor and the presence of all the essential ingredients for a good movie, it fails to gel and make an impact.

By the second half of the movie, you know what is going to happen. The only relief comes from the comic deliveries by James Corden. The extravaganza in the style of the Pirates of the Caribbean fails to impress. The quaint combination of fantasy and history may appeal to some of the youngsters. If you are watching the movie, then it is best not to read the book or if you have, then forget what you have read. You will probably enjoy it more then.

The loose ends should have been tied up too. For example, it is not know why Milady betrays Athos, even though it is apparent that she loves him. The reason for her being a double agent is not clear. It is an average movie but if there is to a be a sequel, it is to be hoped that this will be first part and the others will be more fun.

On a score of 1-5, Three Musketeers gets 3/5 out of 5 for his action scenes.