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Rockstar Review

Rockstar Review

Imtiaz Ali’s much awaited film has finally arrived. It was released on11-11-11. The Ranbir-Nargis starrer ROCKSTAR was released worldwide.

Ranbir Kapoor plays the character of a small town boy named Janardan Jakhar who wants to be a ROCKSTAR. He is huge fan of Jim Morrison and aims to be like him. During his struggling days, he learns that he will have to go through heartbreak to be a true-blue artist.

The theory of heartbreaks will keep most of the audience at bay. But for a break-up, it is essential to be in relationship and fall in love. Keeping this in mind, Ali first brings the two love birds close to each other in a very dramatic way, which gears up the first half of the film. And then splits the two and with this the narrative nosedives in the second half.

The bond between Janardhan and Heer begins over country liquor and soft-porn cinema. They fall for each other. Soon after, the two break it up and Heer gets married to an NRI. Now, the boy finally has the thing he has been craving for since a long time and that is a ‘broken heart’ that he believes is a necessity to become a singing sensation. As he is no longer allowed to live in the house, he seeks shelter in Durgah and soon gets transformed into a Rockstar as Jordan.

But destiny reunites the two in a foreign tour and the unfulfilled desire of love and lust brings Jordan close to the girl once again. After this, the film reflects the tragedy of Devdas and lastly culminates into Erich Segal’s Love Story.

Imtiaz Ali has a unique style of making films. He believes in selling old stocks in new and improved packages. And this is the reason his films touch the hearts of people and proves to be a blockbuster. In ROCKSTAR, the director has added some flavored essence into a regular romantic drama and turned it into a unique masterpiece. Ali has successfully turned the casual chemistry between the lead pair into moments of fascination. He has also spontaneously added smoldering moments when the pair reunites after years. The reunion somewhat reflects the Jab We Met sequence where the bubbly and chirpy boy tries to bring back the gloomy girl’s smile by stimulating her. The film kick-starts with a medley highlighting the vital sequences from the entire movie and this shows that Imtiaz has not restrained from giving this movie a Love Aaj Kal touch.

The first half of the film is better as compared to the second half. The narrative in the final half seems to lose the track. With flashbacks and repetitive media smashing scenes, the screenplay seems to be stretched in the latter half of the film. Furthermore, it is neither a standalone plot depicting a love story with Rockstar background, nor a perfect tale of a wannabe who reaches the top leaving behind his heart. The director’s attempt of co-relating a casual chemistry with the Rockstar’s rise doesn’t seem to hit the correct note. With the onset of the climax, the film loses its objectivity.

Rating – 3.5 stars


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