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Rascal: Movie Review

Rascal: Movie Review

Rascal is Sanjay Dutt’s first home production his debut film in production field. The movie released on Dussehra to take advantage of the festive mood of public. It has been directed by David Dhawan.

The movie revolves around the antics of Chetan Chouhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Ajay Devgan), who are two rascals. They both meet in a flight en route to Bangkok. Both are tricksters and in the whole film, they try to best each other in their own game. Arjun Rampal (Anthony Gonsalvas) has a guest appearance in the film. Both rascals have cheated him in Mumbai on the same day. Bhagat steals his cash filled briefcase and Chetan, his imported car. Bhagat books into a luxurious suite at a hotel in Bangkok to spend time with Dolly (Lisa Haydon) but this plan is ruined by Chetan, who checks into the hotel pretending to be Bhagat. From here, their rivalry takes an aggressive turn.

The duo meet a rich and beautiful heiress, Khushi (Kangana Ranaut), in the hotel and try to win her heart using different tactics. Chetan pretends to be an “Art of Giving” instructor and Bhagat pretends to be a blind ex-naval officer, who lost his eyesight during a war. Khushi’s interest and trust oscillates between these two men. In this game of sea-saw, Chetan ruins the brakes of Bhagat’s bike due to which Bhagat meets with an accident. But Bhagat being the smart rascal that he is uses this opportunity to claim his eyesight back. Chetan lays another trap for him by inviting him to a naval ball dance party being held in a hotel. His aim is to reveal Bhagat’s fake identity before the other naval officers. However, here too Bhagat manages to escape.

Finally, Khushi, who is still confused and cannot decide whom she loves, decides to get married to both Chetan and Bhagat. The film ends with a hilarious surprising climax for which you will have to watch the movie!

Yunus Sajwal’s script has many loose ends and thus the film lacks a solid plot. Rather, it becomes a series of comic scenes. The comedy and its presentation do not seem real and natural but forced humor. Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan, have done average job. Sanjay looks a bit old for such roles. Kangana does not much scope to act as she plays a rich dumb beauty. Lisa’s and Kangana’s bikini scenes are very popular and the one of the main attractions in the movie. As for the Arjun, Satish Koushik and Chunky Panday, their performance is okay. Overall, it is a typical David Dhawan film with this touch of comic. The music of film, by Vishal-Shekhar, is not very catchy. Lisa Haydon’s item number, “Shake it Saiyaan” is certainly doing well on channels and gaining popularity, but other songs are just average. On the whole, two and a half stars for this movie.


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