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Mausam – A Review

Mausam – A Review

The much-awaited movie finally released on the 23rd September after a delay of one week. It had mixed responses with the critics being more critical than usual as this was the thespian, Pankaj Kapoor’s directorial debut. Pankaj Kapoor is well known for his outstanding performances in movies like Ek Ruka Hua Faisla, Maqbool and others. As he is well versed with every aspect of cinema and has promoted off beat films with his characters, there are many expectations from him. To expect that he should deliver a film equivalent to his films where he plays pivotal roles would be unfair.

Rather than judge Mausam by the kind of movies that the Sr. Kapoor has done, it should be judged on its merit. The movie has its share of flaws (one rarely gets to see a flawless movie anymore), but despite its flaws, it is well written and directed. The characters go through numerous high and low tides before they are finally united against all odds. The movie, as the name suggests, is about the seasons of love and how it matures from calf love a deep, enduring one.

Don’t judge the movie but its cover. It also covers the realities of Hindu-Muslim society in a country like India, where the smallest spark sets off a huge fire. It weaves in the Kargil war, militancy in Kashmir, the Ayodhya – Babri Masjid dispute and the Godhra riots. Pankaj Kapoor has taken a simple tale of unadulterated love and adulterated it with political and social issues. It scratches the clean layers in search of a love that withstands all odds of time.

The movie opens in the countryside of Punjab with young and dashing Harinder Singh waiting for his call from the Indian Air Force. In this period, he meets and falls in love with Aayat Khan, a Kashmiri girl, who has been living with her elder sister for safety.  This part of movie touches the subject of a beautiful Kashmir that is affected by terrorism.

The two have not openly declared their love for each other and glance at each other shyly. The second part of Mausam occurs when the two have been separated. They meet again in Scotland where Harry is posted. Aayat is in Scotland too with a dance school. They plan to get married but first Harry has to secure her father’s permission,

It is here that forces contrive to pull them apart. The country is torn by Kargil war and Lt. Harinder Singh has to rush back without a word to his beloved. He tries to search for her after the end of the war but in vain.

They finally meet in Ahemdabad, where Aayat is now living, during the Godhra riots. This time, they meet to stay together.

Mausam depicts a pure love that fights against all odds and survives. It is the kind of love that one dreams of but rarely finds.

Sonam Kapoor beckons as the shy Aayat Khan and Shahid Kapoor looks dashing and authoritative as Lt. Harinder Singh. The two depict the changes in their character easily by transforming from shy young people in love to mature people.

Filmi fan club gives it 3 rating for its excellent plot, locales and the characters.


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