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Preview of Love Express

Preview of Love Express

Bollywood rom-com Love Express is a film by producer Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Searchlight’s and is directed by debutante Sunny Bhambani. The movie stars Om Puri as a patriarch, Priyam Galav, Mannat Ravi, Sahil Mehta and Vikas Katyal.

An interesting looking comedy movie about love, marriage and of course, India. It traces the journey of two parallel love stories in a
train full of Baraatis from Amritsar to Mumbai. A young couple on the way to their own wedding wants to break-up, while the other couple
wants to make up after a five-year-old break-up.

A marriage between two young people Ashneet and Kanav is about to take place and their loving Punjabi families are in full swing and turn the
train journey into a celebration. But the families are not even aware that Ashneet and Kanav do not want this marriage to happen. Both of
them have created a plan to sabotage their own wedding because they feel they are not meant for one another. Priyanka and Chiragh, two
lovers from the past still carry the memories collected in five years of love before they split up. It seems that even this bond is not
going to strike since Priyanka is now engaged. But the train journey unfolds the love in stories and brings special characters providing
hope at the right moment.

Love Express reveals itself in every possible form – humor, pain, anger and finally true love.

The music is done by Jaidev Kumar and lyrics written by Kumaar. The singers are Neeraj Shridhar, Sumitra Iyer, Kamaal Khan, Ryan Dias and
Narinder Singh Lucky. The cinematography is by Kabir Lal. Love Express, which is all set to hit the screens on 10th June 2011.


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