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Desi Boyz – Preview

Desi Boyz – Preview

Bollywood has had its share of comedies in 2011. Not all of them were well received by the movie going audiences.  Desi Boyz is another comedy starring John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone. The first look posters show the male protagonists with Deepika. The gorgeous Chitrangada Singh is playing the other lead heroine.

The movie is set in the year 2009, the year of recession. It revolves around two friends Jerry Patel and Nick Mathur settled in London. Nick is a successful investment banker and has a beautiful fiancée. Things could not be better with him. Jerry, on the other hand, is used to living off Nick’s income. Even recession fails to hit the lives of these two friends.

Tragedy strikes when the investment banking company where Nick works decides to downsize and Nick is shown the way out. Social services inform Jerry that he is no longer in charge of his nephew Veer unless he is able to get a

Desi Boyz - Preview Hindi Bollywood Movie

Desi Boyz - Preview


The story is about how the two men fight circumstances and take us through a comedy of errors. They do things for instant results but the repercussions are serious and tests their friendship. Will it survive or will they be torn apart?

You have to watch the movies to know more. Akshay Kumar plays Jerry Patel, the no good friend with panache while John Abraham looks convincing as Nick, the investment banker. Deepika plays John’s fiancée, Radhika. This is the first time that the two will be seen together. Chitrangadha Singh’s role is not clear as yet.

The music scores are good in the movie as you listen to them. The album opens with “Make some noise for the Desi Boyz” a peppy number that is more about male bonding. Another song that is expected to be a chartbuster is “Subha Hone Na de”, sung by the inimitable Mika singh. You can listen to Jhak maar Ke, Allah Maaf kare, a soulful song, and Let it be.

The music is good and much is expected. It has been more than six years since John and Akshay worked together. The producers and the directors are confident that this male “Jodi” will be successful.  There are two surprise elements in the movie. The first one is the appearance of Chitrangada Singh, who has been hailed as a powerhouse of talent. Her look is still under wraps and though everyone is dying for a glimpse of this actress, it is still a secret.

The second is Akshay Kumar’s makeover, which has the industry in a titter. He appears as the charming and handsome Jerry. If you really want a first look, then take a look at the posters of the movie which features John Abraham and Akshay Kumar sporting vests and boxer shorts with their names. Along with them is the super glamorous Deepika. As to what happens to the movie, only time can tell. Produced by Eros International and with music by Pritam, it appears to be good.


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