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Friday 13th Jan a disappointment week at box office

Friday 13th Jan a disappointment week at box office

The year 2012 had a bad beginning with the first release of the year, ‘Players’ getting poor response at the Box Office.

Last Friday on 13th January, 2012, four films released at the box office – ‘Ghost’, ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’, ‘Tutiya Dil’ and ‘Sadda Adda’. These four were all medium budget movies. ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’and ‘Ghost’ boast of big star cast, while ‘Sadda Adda’ and ‘Tutiya Dil’ have all newcomers. But irrespective of any reason, all of them have opened to a poor response at the Box office. They have registered a very low amount of occupancy in theatres across the country.

But, hopefully ending the dry spell will be the much-awaited ‘Agneepath’, starring Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan, which is slated to release next week on 26th January. ‘Agneepath’ is expected to make it big at Box Office.

“The box office reports of all four films have been disappointing, and none of them is worth talking about. The have all failed miserably at the ticket window.” said Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines.

Girish Johar of Balaji Motion Pictures adds, “Over the weekend (first three days), ‘Ghost’ collected Rs 1.5 crore, ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’ Rs 1.75 crore, ‘Tutiya Dil’ Rs 12 lakh and ‘Sadda Adda’ Rs 19 lakh.”

Tutiya Dil

Tutiya Dil

On the same note, Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts in Delhi-UP says, “The four new releases are neither for the classes nor the masses. Of the

lot, ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’ has done marginally well at multiplexes while the other three are not worth talking about.”

Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies in East Punjab remarks, “Last week’s releases have been very disappointing. The response to ‘Ghost’,’ Chaalis Chauraasi’, ‘Tutiya Dil’ and ‘Sadda Adda’ is barely 10 per cent. We are all waiting for ‘Agneepath’ to hit the big screen.”

In East Punjab, Dharam Pal of Paramount Pictures adds, “All the films that released last week were a disaster and have suffered a horrendous fate at the ticket window.”

Debashish Dey of Aum Moviez in West Bengal comments, “All four films were a washout the box office. In fact, ‘Tutiya Dil’ did not even release in our region.”

In CP, Sarang Chandak of Shri Rang Films says, “’Ghost’ did a little more business than the other three films, which suffered horribly at the box office.”

Ashok Choudhary of Neha Movies in CI says, “Last week’s releases failed to impress the audience in our region. ‘Ghost’ was a horror film and there was some hope but it too failed miserably.”

In Nizam, Ravi Machchar of Sahyog Films adds, “’Ghost’, ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’, ‘Tutiya Dil’ and ‘Sadda Adda’ have failed at the box office and are not worth discussing.”

B H Basha of Bahar Enterprises in Mysore says ‘Sadda Adda’ and ‘Tutiya Dil’ did not release in the Mysore circuit. The other two films, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’, did not impress either. “Collections of both films were poor and there is no interest whatsoever in them,” Basha says.

Still from Sadda Adda, Ghost & Chaalis Chauraasi

Still from Sadda Adda, Ghost & Chaalis Chauraasi

Ajay Bagbai of Rajvi Trade Link in Gujarat remarks, “Due to a holiday, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Chaalis Chauraasi’ did a little better than the other two. But from Monday, all four movies saw a drastic drop in collections. All the films have fared poorly in Gujarat.”

Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers in Orrisa concludes, “Except for ‘Ghost’, the other three films did not release in Orissa. There is a huge demand for the thriller and horror genres in our region. Despite this, ‘Ghost’ suffered a subdued fate at the ticket window.”

Movie goers are desperately waiting for the releases of ‘Agneepath’. We have to wait and watch the faith of ‘Agneepath’ which releases one day before Republic Day. Hope this film brings hit for the month of January.


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